Saturday, October 18th

8.00-8.50 AM: Breakfast and registration

Morning Session I

8.50-9.00 AM: Welcoming Remarks

Isabelle Marcotte & Alexandre Arnold

9.00-9.50 AM: Fifty Years of Research (or When are you going to get a Real Job?)

John Ripmeester. NRC

9.50-10.10 AM: Structure and Dynamics in Functionalized Derivatives of Graphene through Solid-State NMR

Adam MacIntosh. McMaster University

10.10-10.30 AM: Carbon-13 Solid-State NMR and Computational Investigations of Non-Covalent Tetrel Bonds

Scott Southern. University of Ottawa

10.30-10.50 AM: Coffee Break

Morning Session II

10.50-11.10 AM: Tritium NMR

Kalle Gehring. McGill University

11.10-11.30 AM: Evaluation of HR-MAS Spectroscopy for the Differentiation of Species from Vaccinium by NMR

Martine Monette. Bruker BioSpin

11.30-11.50 AM: Practical NMR-based Fragment Screening for Quality Drug Seeds

Steven LaPlante. NMX Research and Solutions, INRS-IAF, Broad Institute

11.50-12.10 AM: Protein NMR in Biologics Development: from Protein-Ligand Interactions to Antibody and Vaccine Characterization

Feng Ni. Human Health Therapeutics Montreal NMR Laboratory-NRC

12.10-12.30 AM: Structural Biology of Miz-1 by Solution-State NMR

Pierre Lavigne. Universit├ę de Sherbrooke

12.30-1.50 PM: Lunch

Afternoon Session

1.50-2.00 PM: Special Announcements

2.00-2.20 PM: Solid-State MAS NMR Studies of Human Aquaporin I

Sanaz Emami. University of Guelph

2.20-2.40 PM: Segmental Isotopic labelling of Spider Wrapping Silk Proteins by Intein Mediated Trans-Splicing

Lingling Xu. Dalhousie University

2.40-3.00 PM: Conformational Dynamics of a Seven Transmembrane Helical Protein Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin Porbed by Solid-State NMR

Daryl Good. University of Guelph

3.00-3.20 PM: Molecular Insight Into the Assembly of Elastin From Solution and Solid-State NMR

Simon Sharpe. The Hospital for Sick Children

3.20-3.40 PM: Direct In Vivo Molecular Imaging by 1H MRI using an HMQC filter

Rohan Alvares. University of Toronto

3.40-5.30 PM: Poster Session and Cocktail

7.00-9.00 PM: Banquet

Sunday, October 19th

8.30-9.00 AM: Breakfast

Morning Session I

9.00-9.50 AM: NMR in Membranes

Jim Davis. University of Guelph

9.50-10.10 AM: In-Cell 13C and 2H Solid-State NMR

Dror Warschawski. IBPC-CNRS, France

10.10-10.30 AM: Characterization of MAPCHO bicelles - New Versatile Membrane Mimetics for NMR studies

Maïwenn Beaugrand. UQAM

10.30-10.50 AM: Coffee Break

Morning Session II

10.50-11.10 AM: New Developments in Solid-State NMR of Metal Centres within MOFs

Bryan Lucier. University of Western Ontario

11.10-11.30 AM: Liquid Crystalline Nanocomposites

Linda Reven. McGill University

11.30-11.50 AM: Sensitization of Portable Stray-Field NMR to Vibrations

Igor Mastikhin. University of New Brunswick

11.50-12.10 AM: Awards Announcement

posted by AA & IM on October 3, 2014

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